Wedding Packages

Package 1 $500

Some wedding couples are on a budget and can't afford the high dollar wedding video. For them, it's simpleā€¦ they just want a simple video of the ceremony to send out to their friends and relatives on youtube. That's what this package is. I create this simple video, provide 1 DVD copy, compress and upload the video to a server, provide you a link to send to EVERYONE. I capture video with sound (wireless mic placed on the conductor, bride, or groom).


  • Bride walking down the isle.
  • Father gives away bride.
  • Bride and groom join hands.
  • Preacher, Minister, Priest, Shaman, etc. conducting the entire ceremony.
  • Bride and groom lighting candles.
  • Bride at Rosary.
  • Exchanging vows and whatever else.
  • Exchanging rings.
  • "I now pronounce you man and wife" Kissing
  • Bride and Groom walk down the isle together

Package 2 $800

Many couple are interested in the sights and sounds of their wedding. You get everything listed in the $500 package, except, I provide another stationary camera for the ceremony enabling me to get more cutaways with my other camera. I also start shooting earlier. I hang with the groom and his friends. I hang with the bride and her friends. I capture as many people as I can throughout the day all the way through the reception. I edit the clips together and provide you:


  • 3 DVD Copies
  • 1 uploaded version to YouTube. I will provide you with a link. You will be able to view it anytime, anywhere you can get on-line.

Package 3 $1300

Some couples want something memorable beyond the celebration itself. They want a short music video they can enjoy watching over and over. This video is short, sweet, and above all entertaining. Mom, Dad, your friends and family will enjoy watching this Wedding Video Short. It's the link you will return to in the future. It's the Hollywood version of your wedding all wrapped up in a bow.


Warning: Viewing this video might make you cry.
You receive everything included in Package 2 Plus:
  • 3 DVD copies of the music video.
  • 1 uploaded version to a server. I will provide you with a link
  • 1 audio/video master file that you can keep and upload to whatever social media site you want.